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Genetic cousin discusses paternal Cizewski DNA

November 29, 2009

Yeah, no question your paternal line is Jewish….I’m not going out on a limb much to say that.  There’s really no other explanation since to go the other way…i.e. argue that all of the Jews in the group are not originally Jewish is a stretch…not only because lots of different folks would have had to convert to Judaism (because we match at very different levels…and so have common ancestors at varying points in time)…but not many people tended to convert to Judaism…it was a lot of work and you just got persecution for your trouble!  Conversion the other direction was more common.

However, we have some very intriguing matches, especially at the more distant levels, that clearly point towards a Sephardic Jewish origin (even though most of our closes matches are Ashkenazi…or THOUGHT they were (-:)).  So our group’s migration tale is going to be very interesting…”

And Anna (Cizewski, Felix A.’s wife) being able to recollect tales of the Jewish-Catholic conversion make it, as you say, very likely that happened within a few generations or the memory would have been ‘lost.'”

Debra Katz, Cizewski family genetic cousin

Added to Cizewski Male Line DNA Analysis


Dachau and health care reform

November 9, 2009

Opponents to health care reform are displaying images of Dachau to make a bizarre connection to Nazi death camps.  Legitimate differences of opinion can be civilly expressed and debated rationally.  Making references to the Holocaust insults not only men like my late father who is a Dachau liberator but also all the victims of the Holocaust.

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