63rd anniversary of the marriage of Felix Cizewski and Anne Lovetere, June 14, 1947

Felix & AnneFelix & Anne about 1980.
(Photo © 2010 Leonard H. Cizewski. May not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission.)

After returning from the war, Felix reclaimed his interrupted life.

He resumed work as a tractor-trailer driver.  He met Anne Marie Lovetere at one of the places where he was making a delivery. When he asked her out, she replied that she wasn’t allowed to date other employees. He replied that since he was driver for another company, they could date.

On June 14, 1947, Less than two years after his discharge, Felix and Anne were married.

Felix had annulled a war time civil marriage. His older brother Joseph certified to Anne’s parish that Felix had no prior Roman Catholic marriage and therefore was eligible to be married in the church.

Anne reports that Felix’s hands and feet were still fragile from the frostbite he suffered in 1944. She also reports he suffered from nightmares.

After trying several other jobs, Felix returned to what he knew and did best, driving a tractor-trailer.

In addition to having primary responsibility for the family, Anne worked at various secretarial and clerical jobs.

They had four children and four grandchildren.

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