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Adding watermarks to secure images

February 14, 2012
Dachau liberation editon 45th Division News

Front page, Dachau liberation edtion of the 45th Division News

Someone used the earlier edition of this image of Dad’s copy of the first page of liberation of Dachau edition of the 45th Division News on a site that I judged to be sympathetic with both Nazism and Holocaust minimizing or denial.

To minimize that happening again, I’ve added digital watermarks to images that may be at greatest risk of misuse.

The original image is in the public domain. I paid a private studio to make a digital reproduction.  I own the rights to that reproduction. I’ve donated the rights to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

If Nazi sympathizers and Holocaust deniers wish to use that image, they can make their own reproduction from the public domain original and not use the one I made.


Herman “Uncle Bud” Schuth

February 10, 2012
Jean and Herman Schuth

Felix Cizewski's sister Jean with her husband Herman "Bud" Schuth.

My late Uncle Bud, Herman Schuth, was an Army Air Forces mechanic.

While serving in the Philippines in WWII, he contracted malaria. In 1956 he died of complications from malaria.

While I have no memory of him as I just under 4 years old when he passed, one of my clearest childhood memories is the firing of the rifles at his graveside service.

His death was recognized as service related so his widow and children received benefits through the Veterans Administration.

When I found this photo in my late parents estate, I felt I had enough to memorialize Uncle Bud on our family history site.

Artifacts of the 69th Signal Battalion

February 9, 2012

Glick's decorations

Bonnie Witler, the daughter of the late Daniel Glick, veteran of the 69th Signal Battalion, shared some of her late father’s artifacts.

I’ve uploaded them to my family history site in the section about the Signal Corps in northwest Europe in WWII.

I’m creating very simple and basic web pages for the back log of such items that built up while I was taking care of my late mother.

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