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Possible bivouac site of Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion near Valognes, France: New addition to “Felix in WWII” Google Map

March 19, 2012

Screen shot of update to "Felix in WWII" on Google Maps.
Field near Valognes where U.S. Army artifacts have been found. Possible site of bivouac of Signal Corps units.

From July 26 to August 18, 1944, Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion, including my late father, Felix A. Cizewski, was stationed near Tamerville near Valognes, France. Valognes is in Normandy northwest of Utah Beach and south of Cherbourg.

Georges Dennebouy who lives near Valognes, Normandy, France, researches Allied aircraft shot down by the Germans during WWII. Three planes went down near Valognes.

While researching in this field, Georges and two friends found numerous small artifacts including spoons, shaving cream tubes, a metal stake, and heavy communications cable.

Valognes was a major communications center for the U.S. Army and many Signal Corps units were stationed there including my late father’s unit.

Georges believes this to be the site where Signal Corps units were bivouacked including Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion.

Felix in World War 2, 1942 – 45 – Google Maps


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