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67th Anniversary of 45th Signal Company’s arrival at Feldmoching, Germany

April 30, 2012

My later father Felix A. Cizewski and the 45th Signal Company arrived at Feldmoching, Germany 67 years ago today. Feldmoching is on the northwest edge of Munich, less than 8 miles southeast of Dachau.

The day before Dachau was liberated by the 45th Infantry Division. From that location, the 45th Signal Company would be to assist in the care of the liberated survivors.

Every member of the 45th Division at that time officially shares the recognition as liberator by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and the U. S. Army Center of Military History.

Dad was a very private and shy man. He said little about his service and nothing about Dachau.

Dad would embarrassed while quietly proud of my sharing of his service.

He would want me to be very clear that his role was that of support of the front line combat troops of the 45th who did the very hard work of defeating the SS guards to liberated Dachau.


67th Anniversary of the liberation of Dachau

April 29, 2012


Dachau Liberation Edition 45th Division News

Dachau Liberation Edition 45th Division News

Sixty-seven years ago today, after a battle with the SS guards the combat units of the 45th Division liberated Dachau concentration camp.

My late father, Felix A. Cizewski, was in the 45th Signal Company on theĀ  road towards Dachau. The company arrived the next day.

He never spoke of his experiences.

As he was bi-lingual English-Polish, he may have been called upon to assist in the care for the about 8,900 Polish speaking survivors.

My late father never spoke of his experiences at Dachau.

Dad’s visit to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest – four more photos found

April 15, 2012

Felix A. Cizewski, 45th Signal Company, posing in a deck chair at Hitler's Eagle's Nest sometime between early May to mid-July, 1945.

Four more photos have been found of my late father’s, Felix A. Cizewski’s, visit to Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest.

They’ve been added to: Visit to Kehlsteinhaus, Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest.

After the Nazi’s surrender on May 8, 1945 until mid-July, 1945, Felix and the 45th Infantry Division were station around Munich and Dachau northwest of Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest. During that time he was able to tour nearby parts of occupied Germany and Austria.

The originals of all of Felix’s Eagle’s Nest photos have been donated to the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center.

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