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Details of Uncle Bud’s Service: Memorial Day 2012

May 28, 2012
Uncle Bud Schuth

Uncle Bud Schuth

My Uncle Bud Schuth died 56 years ago from complications of malaria he contracted while serving in New Guinea in WWII.

Bud’s daughter, my cousin, shared documents with details of Uncle Bud’s service.

In time for Memorial Day 2012, I’ve done a major revision to our family history page about Uncle Bud.


Loves Sees No Color: Memorial for the 90th anniverary of the birth of Anna Maria (Lovetere) Cizewski

May 18, 2012
"Mixed" marriage 1947

Anna Maria Lovetere’s and Felix A. Cizewski’s June 14, 1947 wedding

May 11 was the 90th anniversary of my late mother’s birth.

In honor of her memory, I’ve added the following to her page on my family history site.

Love Sees No Color

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