Warsaw Ghetto prisoners liberated during second Warsaw Uprising

In The Second World War, Antony Beevor reports one of the actions of the Polish Home Army during the second uprising in Warsaw in 1944:

On August 5 (1944) the (Polish) Home Army attacked the concentration camp on the site of the flattened (Warsaw Jewish) ghetto, killed the SS guards, and released the remaining 348 Jewish prisoners (page 610).

In October, the Nazis forced the surrender of the Home Army survivors.  Some were immediately executed. Others were shipped to Auschwitz for extermination. A few were imprisoned  in the same Warsaw Ghetto concentration camp that they had liberated two months earlier (page 616).

Many of those who were still alive when the Soviets drove the Nazis from Poland were executed by their “liberators”.

The Soviets and pro-Soviet Communist Parties spent 1/2 century suppressing these details. Recently published histories such as Anthony Beevor’s are now telling the complete and accurate story.

For more information:

Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

Virginia Holocaust Museum


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