Philip J. Cizewski’s NAMES Aids quilt panel on display in Madison, WI Nov. 30 – Dec. 7, 2012

My late brother Philip’s NAMES Project AIDS memorial quilt panel is among those being displayed at Edgewood College:

Friday, November 30 – Friday, December 7, 2012

8:00 AM (11/30) – 9:00 PM (12/7)

Location: The Stream: Edgewood’s new art building.


Campus Map

The quilt arrived Friday, November 30th and will be on display in the Art building (in the Atrium area) for one week.

Melanie Herzog, one of our friends who assisted in Philip’s care in 1990 – 1991, is speaking on Tuesday, December 4th at noon.

The Edgewood College Student Nurses’ Association will be staffing a table starting November 30th-December 7th full of information on local resources for HIV/AIDS support.

Philip J. Cizewskis NAMES Project AIDS memorial quilt

Much of Philip’s work was as a theater technician.
Upper left: Theater lights from Philip’s lighting catalogs.
Seven photos below birth and death dates, left to right:
1. Dance performance Japanese America Theater, Los Angeles (Philip worked on set design and lighting).
2. Still from film biography of San Francisco Bay Area surrealist painter, Ed Harris (Philip worked on the film).
3. Dance performance Japanese-America Theater, Los Angeles.
4. Philip playing his piano, San Francisco.
5. Las Manos, dance performance performance by L. Martina Young, dancer with whom Philip described as having an “artistic marriage”.
6. Garrison Keilor at a performance of “A Prairie Home Companion” in Los Angles. Philip did the lighting visible along the top of the photo.
7. Sunset over the Pacific Ocean photo by Philip.
Beneath photo 7: Monogram “P” sewn on a handkerchief by Philip’s maternal grandmother Angeline (Giordano) Lovetere.
Beneath photos: List of cities and towns in which Philip lived, studied, and worked.
Bottom center: “Love cures AIDS” motto from another quilt panel. Photo by Philip.


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