38th Signal Construction Battalion in Noorbeeck, Holland: Seven photos added to Unofficial WWII Signal Corps Archives

GI & little girl in Holland

Winter, 1944- 1945. Noorbeek, the Netherlands: Unidentified member of the 38th Signal Battalion with three year old Dutch girl. In the background are the village church and the battalion’s vehicles including a truck with a crane which would have been used in the battalion’s construction work.

Seven photos have been added to the pages on the 38th Signal Construction Battalion on my Unofficial Informal Archive of the U.S. Army Signal Corps in Northwest Europe in WWII

Four photos are from December, 1944 to March, 1945 when the battalion was stationed in Noorbeek, the Netherlands, including the one above. The smile on the little Dutch girl is among the best illustrations of the joy of all we liberated from the Nazis.

Three photos are from the September, 2004 inauguration of two plaques to commemorate the 38th’s service in Noorbeek. Those plaques symbolized the unbreakable bonds of enduring friendship between America and those we liberated.

Revised June 25, 2013
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