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Paris in the winter of 1944: Felix A. Cizewski suffers frostbite

March 11, 2013
Paris in the winter of 1944 by Lee Miller

Lee Miller photo of Paris, winter 1944.
Fair use of photo © Lee Miller Archives 2013. All rights reserved

During the winter of  1944 my late father, Felix A. Cizewski served in Paris. He was in Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion, Army Service Forces.  Company C was the battalion’s Open Wire Repair Section with pole and wire responsibilities including construction and maintenance.

That meant my father was working outside in the harsh 1944 winter. Lee Miller’s photo above illustrates the conditions in which Felix worked.

By December 10, 1944, Felix had suffered severe frostbite to his hands and feet and was hospitalized in Paris.

My father told my sister that when he was in the hospital among those whose care prevented amputation was a POW German doctor.

My father recovered enough that in January, 1945 he was reassigned to the 45th Signal Company, 45th Infantry Division for the rest of the war.

My father never fully recovered. He suffered for the rest of his life from the frostbite, possibly Raynaud’s Syndrome. He was never formally diagnosed and was discouraged from pursuing a disability claim for that and other lingering health problems that may also have been service related.

Author Alex Kershaw recently shared this photo on his Facebook Page. Alex Kershaw most recent work, The Liberator, is about Col. Felix Sparks of the 45th Infantry Division, the division in which my late father served. Alex Kershaw’s next book will be about Paris in WWII.

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