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Felix A. Cizewski’s Signal Corps Company to be memorialized in Tamerville, France

August 11, 2013
Tamerville, Cotentin Peninsula,Normandy. France. North is up.  Company C's bivouac site is to the northeast.   Aerial photo © Georges Dennebouy taken May 26, 2013.

Tamerville, Cotentin Peninsula, Normandy. France. Company C’s bivouac site is to top right.
Aerial photo © Georges Dennebouy taken May 26, 2013.

On May 31, 2014, as part of the 70th anniversary observance of the D-Day landings and the Normandy Campaign, the town of Tamerville will hold a dedication ceremony for a memorial.

Those being memorialized are:

  • Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion of which my late father, then Private Felix A. Cizewski, was a member. Company C bivouacked in Tamerville from July 26 until August 18 1944. Company C was among the units that constructed a major communication center in Chiffrevast castle near Tamerville.
  • The crew of the B17 downed on April, 28, 1944.
  • The crews of the A20 and the C47 downed on June 6, 1944.
  • The crews of the P51 downed on July 21, 1944.
  • Madame Raynel and her daughter. For two weeks they sheltered three crew members of the C47 that crashed on the morning of June 6, 1944, preventing their capture by the Germans.
  • The civilians of Tamerville killed during the war.

After my father died in 2004, I discovered that his copy of his Army records did not have his full story.

I obtained copies of morning unit reports which documented his company’s service in Tamerville. I posted everything I found to my family history site.

While Georges Dennebouy, Remi Agnes, Claude Letellier, and Mickael Simon were searching for the sites of the four downed aircraft, they found a site where Signal Corps units were bivouacked while at Tamerville.

When they researched what units that might be, they found my family history site that documented Company C’s assignment to Tamerville.

Behind every ground combat soldier were at least 10 men and women providing support. Behind ever combat air crew were least 12 men and women, The stories of those millions of men in women in thousands of units are almost lost as popular culture history focuses on the front line troops and combat aircrews.

I view this recognition of my father’s unit also as also honoring the service of the other Signal Corps units that served in and around Tamerville and Valognes during the Normandy Campaign.

For more information:

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