Organizers of the Tamerville Memorial and our hosts

Meeting at the town hall of Tamerville about the Dedication Day.

Dedication Day meeting, town hall, Tamerville, March 21, 2104.
From the left to the right
Claude Letellier (researcher), Mickael Simon (researcher), Gerard Scalliet (Dedication Day helper), Georges Dennebouy (researcher), Jean-Pierre Bertaux (local councilor, probably next mayor of Tamerville), Jacques Benjamin (local councilor)
Liliane (Georges Dennebouy’s wife and helper), Remy Agnes (researcher and witness of WWII in Tamerville), Madam Mouchel (mayor of Tamerville until March 30), Louis Burnouf (helper and witness of WWII in Tamerville).

These are the people of Tamerville, France who researched and organized the memorial that includes my late father’s Signal Corps company.

When Cheryl A. Robinson and I travel to Tamerville for the May 31, 2014 dedication ceremony they will also our hosts.

While searching for the crash sites of downed American aircraft from World War II Georges Dennebouy, Remi Agnes, Claude Letellier, and Mickael Simon (pictured above) located the field in which my late father’s company bivouacked.

Those being memorialized are:

  • Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion of which my late father, then Private Felix A. Cizewski, was a member. Company C bivouacked in Tamerville from July 26 until August 18 1944. Company C was among the units that constructed a major communication center in Chiffrevast castle near Tamerville.
  • The crew of the B17 downed on April 28, 1944.
  • The crews of the A20 and the C47 downed on June 6, 1944.
  • The crews of the P51 downed on July 21, 1944.
  • Madame Raynel and her daughter. For two weeks they sheltered three crew members of the C47 that crashed on the morning of June 6, 1944, preventing their capture by the Germans.
  • The civilians of Tamerville killed during the war.

Downtown Tamerville

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