French book about the Army Service Forces in Normandy


August, 1944, Carentan terminal of Army Service Forces supply line from Cherbourg. This is the area and time in which Felix A. Cizewski and Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion served. The new telephone poles and wires on the right are the type of communications infrastructure they were constructing.
U.S Signal Corps public domain photo scanned from “Cherbourg 1944: port de la victoire”

While in Normandy for the 70th for anniversary of D-Day and the liberation of France, I watched for how the service of the hundreds of thousands of Army Service Forces women and men Army Service Forces was shared.

In a tabac (newsstand) in Cherbourg, I purchased a copy of Cherbourg 1944: port de la victoire published by La Presse de la Manche, one of the major newspapers in Normandy.

The majority of the book is about the work of the Army Service Forces first rebuilding the port of Cherbourg after its destruction by the Nazis then moving supplies south.

While none of the photos showed pole and wire construction as my late father, Felix A. Cizewski and Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion would have done, I found the above photo from August, 1944 of new poles and wires at the rail terminal at Caranten, 30 miles south of Cherbourg. That is exactly the time that my late father served in Cherbourg and Valognes (12 miles south of Cherbourg and 19 miles north of Carentan).


Cover: Cherbourg 1944 port de la victoire

Northern France with details of the 3110th Signal Service Battalion’s service in Cherbourg.

Infantry, Air Force, Medical, and Signal Corps Units in Tamerville and Valognes

Another post in an ongoing series about our trip to France for the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Liberation of France and the memorial in Tamerville

My late father Felix A. Cizewski served in Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion in Tamerville and Cherbourg providing communications and logistical support for the liberation of Normandy in 1944.




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