Genetic Cousins

Genetic cousins Leonard Cizewski (left) and Daniel Ewenczyk.

Leonard and Daniel share a paternal ancestor from about 17 generations ago.

We estimate that to be from about 1590, about 425 years ago.

Photo by Cheryl A. Robinson

While in Paris we had lunch with Leonard’s genetic cousin Daniel Ewenczyk.

As part of our family history research both of us submitted DNA samples to databases. When Daniel confirmed a DNA connection, he contacted Leonard. 

We estimate that we may be about 10th degree cousins from a common paternal ancestor from about 350 years ago.

Despite our DNA distance, Daniel and I have have become friends and family.

Our DNA confirmed Cizewski family oral history that our ancestry both Slavic and Jewish.

When the Cizewski ancestors lived in Poland, the population was about 10% Jewish. The parts of Poland from which my family came were 25 to 50% Jewish.


Daniel’s graph of our DNA relationship. Click for a larger image.

The Cizewski Family is second to the right of center.The Ewenczyk family is to the left of the center.

For a detailed discussion of our DNA relationship go to: Cizewski Male DNA Analysis

Another post in an ongoing series about our trip to France for the 70th anniversary of D-Day and the Liberation of France and the memorial in Tamerville

My late father Felix A. Cizewski, served in Company C,  3110th Signal Service Battalion in Tamerville and Cherbourg during the liberation of Normandy in 1944.

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  1. kmhoffman2013 Says:

    Len, This is the coolest post yet!  DNA is awesome.

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