American WWII Orphans Network

Born in Chicago 1918
Supply Squadron, 17th Air Depot Group, U.S. Army Air Corps
KIA 23 April 1943
Near Benghazi, Libya

Among the articles in the August, 2014 issue of America in WWII is a one about the American WWII Orphans Network (AWON).

Among the families discussed is is our friend and neighbor Phyllis Noble’s.

For every combat pilot, as many as twelve men and women were providing support such as Phyllis’s father Russell.

In 1943 he was a victim of a booby trap left behind by the retreating Nazis in Libya near Benghazi. He is buried in the North African American Military Cemetary in Carthage, Tunisia.

LOSING DAD: Hundreds of thousands of American men left children behind when they left home to fight. Many never returned. What was it like to be young, innocent, and orphaned by war? By Allyson Patto

Currently the article is only available in the print edition.

America in WWII publishes many of its articles on their web site at a later date.




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