Among the items my late father Felix A. Cizewski brought home from his WWII service was this leaflet about the 2nd French Armored Division (2e division blindée/2nd DB).

Link to complete four page leaflet

This leaflet (number 44F.19) was created by one of the U.S. psychological operations (PSYOP) organizations to support the morale of French civilians. The message was: “French troops are coming to liberate you!”.

Copies were delivered by air drops or artillery shells.

My father never said where he got this leaflet and why he kept it.

The original has been donated to Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center.

3110th Signal Service Battalion and the 2nd French Armored Division

When the French 2nd Armored Division landed on Utah Beach on August 1, 1944, Felix was with Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion about 15 miles (24 kilometers) northwest in Tamerville.

Company C had landed at the same spot on Utah Beach six days earlier.

The 2nd French Armored Division was among the units for which 3110th Signal Service Battalion provided service and support.

THE FRENCH ARMY FIGHTING IN FRANCE!: Unofficial English translation

For more information:


2e division blindée/2nd DB


2nd French Armored Division

Felix A. Cizewski & WWII




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