70th Anniversary of the landing of the 45th Signal Company in France

On August 15, 1944, about 151,000 Allied troops began landings in Southern France.

Among them was the 45th Signal Company, 45th Infantry Division which landed near Ste. Maxime.

August 15, 1944: Members of the 45th Infantry Division in a Landing Craft Vehicle (LCV) approaching the beach near Ste. Maxime.

Absence of weapons suggest this may be a support unit such as the 45th Signal Company.

Public Domain photo.

Felix A. Cizewski and the 45th Signal Company

When the 45th landed in Southern France, Felix A. Cizewski, my late father, was in Tamerville, Normandy in Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion, Army Service Forces.

Over the next four months, Felix served in Cherbourg and Paris. In December, 1944, he suffered frostbite.

The 45th advanced to Alsace in eastern France on the German border.

In January, 1945 after recovering from frostbite, Felix was transferred to the 45th Signal Company.

For more information:


Southern France by the Army Center of Military History

Felix A. Cizewski & WWII


Le débarquement et la bataille de Provence




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