Goals of the Cizewski, Lovetere, Musbach, & Robinson Families blog

1. Celebrate anniversaries of the intersection of family members’ lives with major historical events.

2. Announces major additions & updates to:

Cizewski, Lovetere, Musbach, & Robinson Families History Pages


Unofficial Informal Archive of the U.S. Army Signal Corps in Northwest Europe in WWII

3. In memory of my late father, Felix A. Cizewski, who arrived at Dachau the day after it was liberated and is recognized as a member of the liberating division, this blog also:

  • Combats all forms of Holocaust denial. That includes not only outright denial the Holocaust happened but what may be the far more insidious denial of involvement by individuals and nations.
  • Corrects incomplete or to inaccurate WWII history.
  • Shares suppressed WWII history or WWII history that is now available because of  recently document declassification or from increased access to archives.
  • Rebuts misinformation and intentionally distorted WWII history.

I try to follow the standards and guidelines of historical scholarship and keep my information based on reputably documented facts.

This blog is non-partisan and strives to be safe and welcoming to all. It is partisan when partisanship is relevant, for example, when discussing the anti-secession sentiment of soldiers such as my Union veteran 2nd great-grandfather-in-law or anti-Nazi when discussing WWII issues and my WWII veteran family.

This blog is non-commercial and accepts no advertising. I am not paid either for posts or views.

Leonard H. Cizewski


One Response to “About”

  1. Dennebouy Says:

    Hello ,I live near Valognes in Normandie (France ) .With 2 other friends ,we do researchs about planes shoot down by the german during WWII .Last week ,I went to Tamervile ,sa 3 planes downed in this village near Valognes .As we did researchs in the fields ,we found numerous small parts in the ground .In one of the fields ,it was not parts of planes but spoons ,shaving pasta tube etc……So we thought it was a field where was a bivouack of US soldiers .On internet I did researchs and I found your father’sname and informations about the 3110th SSB co.C of your father .He was in Tamerville between July 25th until August 18th.So I would be very interested with some more informations about this bivouack .As 3 planes downed in Tamerville ( 1 B17 ,1 A20,1 P51) ,and as we know this bivouack here ,the Mayor of Tamerville would be very pleased to do something in memory of soldiers who stay ,and died in her village .
    Best Regards ,Georges Dennebouy.

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